Quesst specializes in focus group research both in-person and online.  We conduct interviews, mini-groups, and in-depth interviews with a wide array of consumer and business audiences.  Quesst works closely with clients to design the most effective and efficient form of research to accomplish project goals.

In the online arena, Quesst considers online focus groups to be an important qualitative research tool and has completed over 150 online focus groups (in both real time and bulletin board format) with professionals, business owners, investors, and consumer audiences.

Quesst has successfully designed and conducted projects in such areas as:

  • new product development and evaluation 
  • communication evaluation (television, print, Internet, radio, direct)
  • website development and evaluation
  • website redesign and re-launch, e-commerce evaluations
  • concept testing
  • decision-making evaluation
  • package and product testing
  • positioning/repositioning
  • e-commerce evaluation
  • name evaluation
  • customer and employer satisfaction
Our extensive experience allows us the flexibility to draw on a wide range of research and creative problem-solving techniques to uniquely tailor each project using cutting edge methodologies and technology.

Quesst is currently offering training in online qualitative research.  For more information, or to register, go to QualTalk.com.


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